Green Band Association

Dear Host Families and Friends of the Green Band,

We had hoped to have a Green Band come in late 2021 but due to the precautions in Japan for Covid, the St. Ursula Eichi Sendai Marching Band cancelled for the 2022 Rose Parade.  The Green Band was attempting to make arrangements for the Gifu Honor Green Band to take their place, but ultimately it was not successful. Thereby this cancellation applies to both bands. We had high hopes after the pandemic forced cancellation of last year’s Parade that things would have returned enough to normal that this would not be necessary.  It was an exceedingly difficult decision, but we saw no practical way forward, given the ongoing pandemic conditions in Japan. Hopefully, we will be able to return to normal conditions in 2023 and successfully present a marching band to participate in the Rose Parade.


Emiko Christensen, Program Director

Green Band Association

Previous Green Band Benefit Concert Performances:


2007-2008 Akashikita High School Green Band  (Treasure Island)

2007-2008 Akashikita High School Green Band  (Phantom of the Opera)


2009-2010 Kansai  Honor Green Band  (Michael Jackson Thriller)


2010-2011 North Honor Green Band from Sendai & Hokkaido  (Star Spangled Banner)


2011-2012 Kyoto Tachibana High School Green Band (Full Concert)


2012-2013  All-Izumo Green Honor Band (Full Concert)


2013-2014  Nagoya Minami High School Green Band  (Full Concert)


2014-2015  Koriyama Nara Honor Green Band (Full Concert)


2015-2016  Toho High School Nagoya Green Band (Full Concert)

2016-2017 Gifu Shogyo High School (Full Concert)

2017-2018 Kyoto Tachibana High School Green Band (Full Concert)

2018-2019 Izumo City High Schools Green Band (Full Concert)

2019-2020 Japan Honor Green Band (Star Wars Saga)

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