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Previous Green Band Benefit Concert Performances:


2007-2008 Akashikita High School Green Band  (Treasure Island)


2009-2010 Kansai  Honor Green Band  (Michael Jackson Thriller)


2010-2011 North Honor Green Band from Sendai & Hokkaido  (Star Spangled Banner)


2011-2012 Kyoto Tachibana High School Green Band (Full Concert)


2012-2013  All-Izumo Green Honor Band (Full Concert)


2013-2014  Nagoya Minami High School Green Band  (Full Concert)


2014-2015  Koriyama Nara Honor Green Band (Full Concert)


2015-2016  Toho High School Nagoya Green Band (Full Concert)

2016-2017 Gifu Shogyo High School (Full Concert)

2017-2018 Kyoto Tachibana High School Green Band (Full Concert)

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